Gracemont Public Schools

Gracemont School Board

Left To Right: Preston Allen, Clint Browe, David Dorrell, Timberly Goucher, Mike Jennings

School Board Regular Meeting Dates for 2020/2021

Meetings will be held in the
Superintendent's office in the High School

January 12th 6:30pm
February 9th 6:30pm
March 9th 6:30pm
April 13th 6:30pm
May 11th 6:30pm
June 8th 6:30pm
July 13th 6:30pm
August 10th 6:30pm
September 14th 6:30pm
October 12th 6:30pm
November 9th 6:30pm
December 14th 6:30

Here is the meeting agenda pdf,
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SB Meeting Agenda

Any other important updates and info will be posted here.

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