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Tip #1: You have to turn the computer on to get it to work.

Whew! Glad we got that out of the way. Here are some more tips.  

2. Get a flash drive instead of using a floppy disk. It is less likely to crash, safer (can be password protected) and can hold a lot more information.

3. If a job you sent to the printer is not printing check to see if the printer is on and has paper in it. If both of these are ok then turn the printer off and back on.

4. Get to know the following shortcut keys. Most if not all are universal between software applications.

[Ctrl] + [C] = Copy     [Ctrl] + [V] = Paste     [Ctrl] + [X] = Cut     [Ctrl] + [Z] = Undo     [Ctrl] + [O] = Open     [Ctrl] + [P] = Print    

[Ctrl] + [S] = Save     [Ctrl] + [W] = Close Document     [Ctrl] + [Y] = Redo     [Ctrl] + [U] = Underline     [Ctrl] + [Home] = Beginning of Document

[Ctrl] + [End] = End of Document     [Ctrl] + [N] = New     [Ctrl] + [A] = Select All     [Esc] = Cancel     [Ctrl] + [F] = Find    

[Window Key] + [M] = Minimize All Open Windows     [Alt] + [Tab] = Toggle Between Open Applications    

5. These keys can help you too. Trust me.

[F1] = Help     [F7] = Run Spell Check     [F5] = Refresh     [Backspace] = Go Back One Space at a Time     [Delete] = Delete Forward One

Space at a Time     [Home] = Beginning of Line     [End] = End of Line     [Window Key] = Open Up Start Menu    

6. If the cd rom drive will not open there is a very small hole on the front of it. You can insert a straightened paper clip into it, push, and it will open up.


Gremlin Attack?

Got a problem? Try the tips below to see if one will solve it. If not then report it to the Tech Team. Response time goal is same or next day service but please be patient. In emergency situations don't hesitate to give Ms. Smith a call.

Printer Problem
:   If a job you sent to the printer is not printing check to see if the printer is on and has paper in it. If both of these are ok then turn the printer off and back on.

Upload Digital Pictures: This is not difficult. All you need is your camera, the connection from the camera to the computer and a folder to put the pictures into. If you don't have a folder that you want to put your pictures into right click on the desktop, go to New, Folder and create a folder giving it a name that relates to the photos, then open the folder. Connect your camera to the computer or use a media reader, which if you have this you should know how to use it. After it is connected turn the camera on. A dialog box will pop up on the screen; navigate to the folder on your camera with the pictures in it. When you get to the pictures choose the ones that you wish to download by holding down [ctrl] and clicking on each one or just hold down your left mouse button and select them all. Next push [ctrl] + [c], go to the folder you created for your pictures and push [ctrl] + [v]. This will cause the pictures to be copied from the camera to the folder.

Email Digital Pictures: Open up your email program, type in the address that you are sending the pictures to, fill in the subject line and push the [attach file] choice in your email program. When the attach file dialog box opens navigate to the folder with your pictures and choose the one you want to send. You can only attach one photo at a time. Wait for the file to be attached, write in what the photo is about in the email and send it on its way. If the file is too large you may have to change its size in a program such as Gimp or Photoshop.